How to Throw the Ultimate Lash Bash Party

From National Donut Day to Netflix binge watching parties, these days it’s trendy to celebrate just about everything – and long, luscious eyelashes are no exception! Lash Bash parties are rising in popularity and you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to throw the best lash party your friends have ever seen. Whether you want to treat your bridesmaids to a relaxing spa day or you’re having your best friends over to catch up on your favorite show series, a Lash Bash is a perfect way to make your celebration fun and unique!

The great thing about Lash Bash parties is you have the option to keep it simple or make it as extravagant as you want and it will always be memorable. All it takes is a great lash artist like Karen at Expressive Brows, and some good company to share the experience with! But if you’re someone who likes going the extra mile, here are some ideas to get your creative party juices flowin’!  

First, you’ll want to settle on a theme or motif for your party. If you’re going for elegant and chic, lean towards colors like soft golds, blush pinks, or even deep purples. Decorate with big flowers, gold plates and platters, and lots of glitter. For a more whimsical approach, go bold with bright teals, pale yellows, and bubblegum pink. Hang up streamers and balloons and decorate with jars of ice cream sprinkles or jelly beans for a fun and quirky touch. Most importantly, your piece de resistance should absolutely be a truly amazing selfie station! How else would you show off your new looks to all your Instagram followers? You and your ladies can show of your new lashes with a stunning backdrop and silly props to keep the fun going all night.

If you envision clinking glasses with your girls at your Lash Bash, then consider setting up a champagne bar! You can include a variety of types of champagne and juices to combine, along with bowls of blackberries and strawberries to drop in your drink for an added pizzazz. To take it a step further, track down some cute little eyelash stickers or decals and stick them to the champagne glasses! Your guests will love all the subtle details you put into your party. You can even consider setting out some sparkling white grape juice for your guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

To keep your guests’ bellies happy, the options for food and snacks are literally endless. For a Lash Bash, finger foods are definitely the way to go. Set out a plate of cake pops or research unique flavors of popcorn like Key Lime Pie popcorn or Garlic and Dill. Make sure to hit those savory and sweet taste buds because you never know what craving will hit as the night goes on! For easy clean up, have lots of toothpicks and napkins on hand so your guests can simply pop and drop while mingling around.

The last thing to remember when throwing the ultimate Lash Bash party is to hire a professionally certified lash artist to ensure safety and quality for you and all your guests. Karen at Expressive Brows has spent years perfecting her craft and provides a comfortable experience with each of her services. When you’re ready to host a one-of-a-kind Lash Bash party, schedule with Karen at and start jotting down ideas to make the experience one to always remember!