Don’t be Intimibladed … Give Microblading a Chance!

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, then does that make your eyebrows the curtains? If so, then nobody wants drab drapes bringing down their facial feng shui, which is why microblading has become such a hit with anyone who wants a little boost in the brows. If this is your first time hearing the term “microblading”, it can be difficult understanding what exactly to expect. Let’s face it … the word itself in it can leave you feeling a bit “intimibladed”. Luckily, we’ve got the skinny on getting those eyebrows thick.

Never underestimate what the perfect brows can do for your confidence levels. Some lucky folks were born with lusciously full eyebrows, but may have experienced an over plucking incident. Others might have lost their arch due to some thinning over the years. Perhaps you possibly live with trichilemmoma (the irresistible urge to pull out hair) or were born with thin, almost translucent hairs. Even if you just prefer to toss the eye brow pencil for good, microblading has left a mass of on-fleek, happy campers in its blazing trails.

Microblading is the meticulous manual process of using tiny needles, which resemble a small blade, to deposit a colored pigment under the upper layers of your skin. It’s basically a tattoo without the life-long commitment, referred to as “semi-permanent”.  The tool used allows the microblading expert to create precise hair-like strokes that gives the appearance of naturally full brows. The pigment used can consist of several different shades to give you a flawless, multidimensional look that doesn’t looked painted on by a heavy-handed toddler. Microblading is the perfect solution to making your brows look thicker and fuller without ever looking too “done”.

Getting your brows done isn’t something you’re going to want to rush, so don’t squeeze a microblading sesh into your lunch break. The process can possibly take around two hours, once all is said and done. Here at Expressive Brows, your microblading expert, Karen, wants to be sure you get exactly what you want, so she’s going to ask you a series of questions regarding shape and desired thickness. She will then draw on your brows and hand over a mirror for your final say. Once you’ve given the go ahead, Karen will get busy perfectly applying each minuscule swoop to your bushy beauties.  

Okay, so now you understand the technicalities … let’s get to the real question that you’ve been pondering: how bad does it hurt? Pain may equal beauty, but microblading is nothing to fear. You might experience some discomfort, but it is totally manageable! Considering all of our beauty regimens – tweezing, shaving nicks, blackhead removal – don’t completely dismiss microblading from being scared of a little sting. You’ll forget all about it once you see how great your eyebrows look when they’re done!

So, you’ve seen the final product and you couldn’t be happier with the results! You want to hit up all your regular spots immediately to show off those fluffy furrows. Well, before strutting your newly-browed stuff at the pool or the gym, remember what Karen said about aftercare. You are on “no wetness” probation for about the next 7-10 days. Any sort of water or sweat can push out the color pigment before it gets a chance to settle in. Not to mention, they are tiny open wounds for bacteria to sneak into. If you have to work out, be sure to cover your brows with a light layer of ointment to keep those gym germs out. You can also apply an approved ointment to them to help the healing process, just be sure not to pick at any of those scabs that may form, as annoying as they can be. Before you leave the office, you’ll also want to schedule a follow-up appointment with Karen in the next 6 – 8 weeks to ensure all the lines and color have taken properly. At your follow-up appointment, you’ll also have a chance to make any minor changes such as a few extra strokes here and there. Your flashy new furrows will be making their impact anywhere from 1 – 3 years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle, though it’s a good idea to pop into Expressive Brows yearly or bi-yearly to keep them looking on point.

Whether it’s for convenience or because you’ve always craved thicker eyebrows, microblading is a solution that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident. If you’re considering microblading but you’re still feeling “intimibladed”, contact Karen at Expressive Brows and she’ll guide you through the process and answer any question you have.