To Blade or To Shade?

To Blade or To Shade?

To Blade or Shade?

In today’s society, putting your best face forward can have as much of an impact as having a positive attitude and extensive experience. Oftentimes, this entails making adjustments in areas that might not be up to your personal standards. One of these areas that you might feel is lacking are your eyebrows. If you’re one of the many individuals who are looking to fill the void in your brows, you may be overwhelmed with the options and wondering which solution is best for you.

In order to help you navigate through the ever-growing eyebrow abyss, let me explain what some of the different choices are. I get many questions about what shading and blading are, and what the difference is between them. Let’s start with talking about shading.

What is Shading?

Shading essentially is manually filling in a color (sometimes temporarily with a pencil or shadow) matching the natural brow tint to make up for the gaps in or lack of hair growth throughout the brow. The best example to explain this comes from a commercial that I used to see on the television a few years ago (okay, it might have been back in the 80’s!). In this commercial, the scene opens on an older gentleman with obviously thinning hair. He is conscious of this and wants something to help him improve his look by giving him fuller, thicker hair. In his opinion, this says to the world that he is young and full of life.

The commercial then introduces the product, a solution to his desires, a can of “Insta Hair”. With that comes a demonstration how to use the product, essentially matching the hair color and spraying on the head in a sweeping motion, with an immediate transformation! The colored spray covers the exposed scalp under the hair and creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

This is the same concept as shading a brow. Since the brow is filled in with a color, it gives the appearance of being full and thick. Shading can also be used for clients who already have full brows on their own, or who have had blading done, if they want a temporarily more dramatic look or if they want to play around with the shape or size of their brows. Shading can also add depth to brows and blend micro-blading lines for a smoother transition.

What is Blading?

On the contrary, blading is a more permanent solution, lasting for up to a couple years with only a few touchups in between. Micro-blading is an increasingly popular cosmetic tattooing technique that can partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the application of hair-like strokes using cosmetic tattoo pigments. The result is full, even, and smudge-proof eyebrows.

Micro-blading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Pigment is deposited into the dermis with a unique hand instrument. Hair-like strokes are made with the tool to mimic natural hair in your brows. Blading provides the same benefits of shading, in a slightly more permanent manner. Blading can be used to fill in missing hair, add thickness to existing brows, or change/define the shape of them. Just like shading, blading is individualized and can be customized depending on your specific desires.

Expressive Brows is the Answer!

Whatever your eyebrow concerns may be, there is a solution. My goal is to help you decide which option is best for you and assist you in putting your best face forward. If you’re ready to take the next step in happiness with your personal appearance, contact me to set up an appointment!